The hydraulic engineering is the branch of civil engineering that deals with the study of phenomena related to the static and kinematic fields of fluids, particularly water. The fields of study are manifold: pressure motions, motions to the free surface, wave motion, transport of solid material, hydrology, seepage. The knowledge obtained from mathematical models or by experiments on physical models, are applied in the design of hydraulic structures such as pipelines, dams, intake structures, dams, reservoirs rolling, sewers, wetlands, navigation locks, pipes, sluice gates, spillways, hydroelectric plants, hoisting works, canals, ports, etc.. used for the exploitation of water resources (energy production, irrigation, domestic and industrial), and the defense of the territory (land reclamation, flood control).
In the course of its consulting and design activity Studio Tecnico Ing. Tagliaro has progressively enriched its experience in various areas, up to levels of recognized leadership: water and Environment are now the key sectors of Studio Tecnico Ing. Tagliaro activities, both in Italy and abroad.


Hydraulic design

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Hydraulic and hydrological consulting

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Project management

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Hydraulic compatibility Assessments

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Advice and practices for water wells for domestic use, irrigation and geothermal.

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Hydrological and hydraulic modeling

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