The project manager is the professional choice by the customer , based on the works to be performed and the professional qualification required by the current regulations for the execution of such works in order to follow the regular course of the yard.
The tasks of the project manager are varied and include:
◦ Direct one or more persons in the execution of specific projects aimed to develop a project previously approved by a developer and possibly also approved by the Public Administration if subject to existing laws ;
◦ The preparation of SAL or , if drawn up by the developer , monitoring and endorsement of the latter ( work progress ) . In private work tasks may be carried out by the project manager in controlling the SAL may be either quantitative ( counting of executed works ) and non- financial ( private agreements which may be reserved to the client - construction company ) . In the private works , also , unless it is specifically contemplated in the letter of appointment , reporting and control of SAL is generally carried out by the customer or by a trusted third party technician .
◦ The endorsement of any technical changes for improvement of the project;
◦ The verification of the correct execution of the works ;
◦ The drafting of the minutes of the meeting and any orders of service;
◦ The issuance of any certificate that may be those of proper installation , proper execution of the work or other required by law.

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